(oikealta vasemmalla) Sayaka, Hikaru, Shinobu and Chihiro (the main cast)


Hikaru, Sayaka, Shinobu and Chihiro at the age of 13 at the beginning in the story start their first year in middle school. Hikaru Suzuki a talented basketball player coming from a average family, a very short guy. Shinobu Suzuki handsome young short guy coming from a very wealthy and rich family who's extremily bratty but a genius when it comes to both school subjects and sports. Chihiro Itou childhood friend of Hikaru's, a beautiful girl who's mature and independent and last one is Sayaka Hoshino a shy girl who's acually secretly a hidden genius aspiring actress.

These four beginning to figure out their feelings as the story goes on in their junior high by falling in love one by another while Hikaru and Sayaka are falling in love, Chihiro is in love with Hikaru and the snobbish Shinobu is falling for the feisty Chihiro.

What happens after two years has passed when they all meet again. However things are not the way they used to be. Will they still achieve happiness even if things are different now after two years had passed? What's the stores for Hikaru and Sayaka and the trouble and hurtful feelings between Shinobu and Chihiro?

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Main charactersEdit

Hikaru Suzuki

Cheerful, happy go lucky and kind hearted young teenager boy who falls for Sayaka Hoshino after witnessing her talent in acting. He previously played baseball but decides to play basketball after Chihiro hurts her wrist and is unable to play.

Sayaka Hoshino

Sayaka a shy and unconfident girl who acually hides the the talent of geniusess. After Hikaru witnesess her remarkable performance in the school roof, the two fall in love.

Chihiro Itou

Hikaru's childhood friend who used to be a basketball player until she hurts her wrist and is unable to play anymore. Chihiro is very beautiful and attractive girl who's very popular with the boys at school. She has deep romantic feelings for Hikaru since they both were kids. Later, she falls in love with Shinobu.

Shinobu Suzuki

Like Chihiro he's also very popular but with the girls at school. Shinobu comes from a very wealthy family and is genius when it comes to sports. Even though he claimed he hated Chihiro first he somehow manage to fall in love with her.

Latest activityEdit

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